By Andy Gray
July 01, 2014

Wimbledon Fever

Wimbledon has gotten somewhat lost as the World Cup and NBA draft/free agency have hogged most of the spotlight. But this fan is certainly excited about the tournament, which is now in Day 8. Hugh Jackman (and his awesome new mustache) are pumped as well. Are you?

One Way to Handle Worst Moment of Your Life

Chile striker Mauricio Pinilla had a chance to become a hero against Brazil on Saturday, but his shot in extra time went off the crossbar. The game went to a shootout and Chile lost, ending its World Cup run in the Round of 16. Rather than lock all the doors and binge-watch the WWE Network, which is what I would've done, Pinilla got a tattoo of his missed strike so that he can be reminded of his failing for the rest of his life. 

He's Back

Playing in his first home game as a member of the Cubs' Triple A affiliate, Manny Ramirez smacked a 450-foot home run.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Gunaxin is celebrating Canada Day with a "Girls of Canada" gallery. It's also a perfect opportunity to showcase my favorite Canadian SI Swimsuit model, Vancouver's own Kate Bock.

Yo Holmes, to Bel-Air

In perhaps the greatest minor league promotion ever, the State College Spikes held The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Night on Sunday. Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks) threw out the first pitch.

Marcin Gortat Is Winning the Offseason

A week after being photographed at the market with his pet pig, Wizards free-agent center Marcin Gortat rode atop an armored vehicle to a basketball camp in Poland.

From the SI Vault

Strange time for the Astros. A week after being featured on the Sports Illustrated cover as 2017 World Series favorites, Houston is at the center of one of the strangest baseball stories in recent memory. Hackers got into the team's personnel files and leaked notes on potential deals and other internal discussions. 

Odds and Ends

A radio show pranked Michael Vick by asking him about poodle fighting. ... Waffle House is getting in on the World Cup trash talk. ... Free-agent quarterback Kevin Kolb was reportedly arrested for driving a boat will intoxicated. ... The Padres defeated the Reds despite getting only one hit. It's the second time they've won a game with one hit this season. ... Bryce Harper returned from a thumb injury and proclaimed the Nationals to be baseball's best team. ... Louisville Slugger made custom bats for ACC schools. ... Jon Bon Jovi won't move the Bills from Buffalo if he purchases the team (according to Ron Jaworski, at least). ... If "putting on pants without using hands" were an Olympic sport, this guy would win the gold medal. ... Gallery: A history of No. 1 picks in the NHL draft. ... The craziest Mike Tyson stories of all time. ... Vice visited Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and found it to be still really weird. ... Beyonce is No. 1 on Forbes' list of the 100 most powerful celebrities.

USA-Belgium Hype Video

Just in case you weren't excited enough for today's game.

Even Better USA-Belgium Hype Video

The official description of the video from YouTube: Camp Sunshine, a Camp for Kids with Cancer, chanted this everyday last week during meal times. These children have had a long fought battle with cancer... They cheer for the USMNT for their battle against Belgium. Cancer didn't stop them.... They won't stop you!!! #1N1T #USMNT #ibelievethatwewillwin

Girl Charges Mound!

I was a little excited to see a link to this video in my Inbox, as "girl charges mound" is a rare phenomenon. After watching it, however, I've decided this is fake. We have a comments section below so let me know what you think.

June: The Month in News Bloopers

With June in the books, we have our monthly news blooper compilation.

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