By Extra Mustard
July 07, 2014
On this day in sports 100 years ago, The New York Sun reported that the Baltimore Terrapins of short-lived Federal League were in fact as slow as their name might indicate. If you've ever curious as to where athlete distrust of the media originated, this write up provides a slew of unfair zingers to enlighten you on the topic: 
"Otto Knabe's Terrapins appeared quite well-named in the first game of their second series at Washington Park yesterday afternoon. They could not get out of the way of the tip top wagon and were crushed under a 10 to 5 load."
"It seemed as though Knabe made a mistake in lifting Suggs. This young gentleman is perhaps the slowest workman in captivity. On yesterday's form he probably wouldn't have been able to retire three of the Tip-Tops before dark."
In other news, this guy had a bad day:
[via The Library of Congress and's fantastic interns]

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