Lots of people are betting on the Cavaliers to win the 2015 NBA title because of LeBron James

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In case you haven't heard, LeBron James might rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers via free agency. He also might not, but that isn't stop bettors from heaping money onto the Cavs to win the NBA Finals in 2015.

ESPN reports that Cleveland has received such heavy action since betting on NBA futures began at the Las Vegas Superbook that odds have dropped all the way to 10-1 from the 40-1 longshot they started as. Handicapper Jeff Sherman told the network that the odds would drop to 8-1 if LeBron signed with the team.

"They are such a young team," Sherman said of the Cavaliers. "They would be better positioned for the next season than this upcoming one."

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While rumors that LeBron will return to his hometown are certainly warming up, Twitter speculation on free agency is not a great way to do your long term financial planning. Unless of course your cousin's friends roommate was James and Dwyane Wade's waiter in Las Vegas, and you have inside info.


-Brendan Maloy