Screenshot via Singapore National Council on Problem Gambling
By Extra Mustard
July 14, 2014

After Germany's 7-1 rout of Brazil in the World Cup semi-final, an anti-gambling ad from Singapore started making the rounds in which a child named Andy said his father had bet all the family's money on Germany to win the tournament.

Now that the theoretical bet has paid off big for the father, the Singapore Council on Problem Gambling has put out an updated version in which the boy says that all the winning will simply go back into gambling.

According to Reuters, the nation's Minister of State at the Trade and Industry Ministry, posted on Facebook about the mixup.

"Andy, okay you can stop smiling. Go get your savings from your daddy. Tell him please don't do this again and you get ready for school,"​ 

Which do the government officials behind this ad campaign regret more: choosing a team with such good odds of winning the whole thing, or not laying down some cash on Germany to walk away with the title?


-Brendan Maloy

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