By Nicole Conlan
July 18, 2014

Earlier today, Weird Al released his newest song parody about sports fanaticism. It's so good that it made us nostalgic for some other sports parody songs from days gone by. So we now proudly present...


1. Sports!
Sports! | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

This song gets straight to the point: Sports!

2. We Like Sportz
The Lonely Island

From their debut album, Incredibad, The Lonely Island brings us this song about two guys who love sports.

3. Some QB That I Used To Know

In 2011, it was impossible to escape the Gotye song 'Somebody That I Used To Know," (believe me, I tried). But it wasn't hard for Peyton Manning to escape the Colts the following summer. humordy mourned the Colts' loss with this song parody about some QB that they used to know.

4. Boeheimian Rhapsody

I'm not sure how Freddie Mercury felt about college basketball, but these Syracuse fans have really taken his Bohemian Rhapsody and made it their own.

5. Broadway Halftime Spectacular
Saturday Night Live

Have you ever wondered what the Super Bowl halftime show would look like if the awful theater kids from your high school put it together? Saturday Night Live has the cringeworthy answer to that question.

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