By Alex Suskind
July 20, 2014

Now that Jeremy Lin is a Los Angeles Laker, it's time for him to get involved in the local community, and that means putting him in movies. One YouTube user appears to have circumvented the traditional casting process by throwing Lin and new teammate Kobe Bryant in Rush Hour 4.

The trailer, which you can check out below, is really just a rehash of the first Rush Hour, with Bryant's and Lin's faces pasted on the bodies of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Make sure to keep an eye out for villains Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker, who pop up along the way.  

This is funny, but I am not quite sure the whole Rush Hour comparison works. Some of the dialogue may fit into Bryant's M.O.––"I don't want no partner, I don't need no partner and I ain't never gonna have no partner"––but Chris Tucker would never make a face like this:

[h/t Reddit]

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