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5 Alabama fans yelling "Roll Tide" at inappropriate moments


All right, Alabama fans. We get it. You like football. I'll even go so far as to agree that "Roll Tide" is a pretty cool thing to yell when you're drunk. But some people have been shouting "Roll Tide" in situations that aren't fun or really even related to football.  The most recent is this story about Titans rookie Zach Mettenberher getting sucker-punched by a man who yelled "Roll Tide" at him. That seems unnecessary. 

There are definitely certain times when you should say something other than "Roll Tide."  Things like "I'm sorry" or "I deeply regret my actions" or "No comment." Those are some phrases that these people might do well to remember in the future.

. 1. This Teacher/Possible Heroin Addict

Alternate idea: "I do not condone the use of drugs by my students in or out of school, and would never let my enthusiasm about college football cloud my judgment and influence me to do drugs."





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