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Chicago White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers made it to the hospital with just minutes to spare before his wife gave birth to his son half an hour after a game.

By Extra Mustard
July 24, 2014

Chicago White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers knew his wife would be giving birth early this week, but he did not know he was going to need all the help he could get to be there for it.

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Flowers took wife Nancy to the hospital Monday morning with the intent of returning before the big moment. That plan fell apart minutes before the first pitch when he found out she had just entered labor.

Luckily, the White Sox made quick work of the Royals, and Flowers even got some help from the traffic lights, according to CSNChicago's Dan Hayes.

““I got there 10 minutes before it happened, which was 38 minutes after the game had ended... One red light the whole way, it was unreal. Every light I came to was green, green, green. No traffic, nothing.”

Flowers said his teammates were hoping he would have to arrive at the hospital in full uniform in a bullpen car like catcher Jake Taylor in "Major League."

[CSN Chicago]

-Brendan Maloy


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