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Major League Baseball has put an end to the Los Angeles Dodgers using a bubble machine to celebrate big plays in their dugout.

By Extra Mustard
August 07, 2014

Not willing to let the NFL have a monopoly on hating fun, MLB has contacted the Los Angeles Dodgers to ask them to stop using a children's bubble making machine in their dugout to celebrate big plays.

The team got a call from former manager and current MLB executive vice president Joe Torre requesting the team stop using the device earlier this week.

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This story does have a happy ending though, as after taking Tuesday off from their bubble filled celebration, the team brought the machine back for Wednesday's game.

The Los Angeles Times reports that MLB has declined to comment on the matter, and it is not known whether they changed their mind about the toy or if the players are simply flying in the face of the league office.

[LA Times]

-Brendan Maloy

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