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A Minnesota aquarium has traded the name Kevin Love to a Cleveland aquarium so that it can name its octopus after the recently traded power forward.

By Extra Mustard
August 26, 2014

For several years now, K-Love the octopus has lived in the "SEA LIFE" exhibit at the Mall of America in Minnesota, but with his namesake heading to the Cavaliers, his caretakers reached out to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium to trade them the name for their new octopus.

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The Greater Cleveland Aquarium had named the giant pacific octopus it acquired in May "Ocho," but it will now take on the K-Love moniker. The "Ocho" name will be sent to Minnesota, where SEA LIFE has more roster moves planned, according to a press release.

SEA LIFE Minnesota will most likely drop Ocho for a new name soon that will match Andrew Wiggins, the key piece in the trade. Sqwiggins, Iggy or A-W are some of the names already being tossed around for SEA LIFE Minnesota's new athletic octo-playmaker.

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Extra Mustard would like to officially support Sqwiggins as the best name option for the cephalopod.



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