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October 18, 2014

Sports radio is tailor-made for testosterone-fueled confrontations. Honestly, it's a wonder more on-air personalities don't get into fist fights.

Take this recent conversation between Doug Franz and Ron Wolfey, who handle the morning show for Arizona's 98.7. The two almost came to blows after a disagreement over the visibility of the Oakland Raiders brand. I've excerpted the good parts below the video:​

Ron: You know what Doug, shut up.

Doug: No, don't ever tell me to shut up.

Ron: Shut up!

Doug: You're not man enough to tell me to shut up! That's a joke!

Ron: You want to go? Seriously! You don't ever say that to me! BULLCRAP!

Doug: Why would you tell a man to shut up?

Ron: Seriously you got a problem? You got a problem?

Doug: I do have a problem when somebody says 'shut up' to me. That's a joke. It's unprofessional and it's immature. You can disagree with me all you want, but to tell another man to shut up is idiotic.

Ron: Speaking of idiots . . .

Doug: If you'll feel better by punching me, go ahead.

[Awkward silence]

"Everything is OK," Scott Sutherland, the station's vice president and market manager, told Arizona Central, following the show. "In fact, we called them into my office immediately after the show and they had already made up and were mortified and embarrassed. It was certainly out of character for anyone who has listened to the show. Nonetheless, it was inappropriate and unprofessional. We want this to be a place where fathers and sons can listen when they drive to work, as I do with my son, and it wasn't reflective of what we want to be as a company."

Sports radio, where fans come to defend their honor.

[Awful Announcing]

-- Alex Suskind

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