By Extra Mustard
October 30, 2014

Madison Bumgarner won the 2014 World Series MVP by pitching at a level unseen in baseball pretty much ever. He was, to put it mildly, awesome.

His MVP trophy presentation? Not so awesome.

A wildly nervous Chevy representative named Rikk Wilde attempted to both congratulate Bumgarner and hawk Chevys, which was a silly proposition from the start, but Bud Selig's salary has to come from somewhere.

The tremor in Chevy guy's voice was understandable, but then he decided to go off script. With his description of the Chevy Colorado as having "technology and stuff" he went from overmatched pitch man to internet legend.

Luckily for Wilde, the people at Chevrolet recognized a marketing opportunity when they saw one and jumped on the #TechnologyandStuff hashtag.

H/T @GoldAndOrSmith


​- Peter Bukowski

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