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Marreese Speights's half-court shot attempt did not go well

The Warriors' Marreese Speights tried for a half-attempt in the closing seconds of the third quarter, but forgot to dribble. 

With Golden State up 91-86 over the Miami Heat as the third quarter came to a close, Warriors forward Marreese Speights tried for a near half-court shot attempt to try and steal an extra three points. 

Only one problem: he never put the ball on the floor after receiving the pass, and took about five steps.

Memes of Odell Beckham's unbelievable touchdown catch

It was a valiant attempt by Speights, but he was never going to get away with it, even if it had gone in. The travel was so obvious, half the Heat bench was jumping up showing a travel call before the ball even reached the rim. 

Perhaps Spreights should take some tips from UCLA head coach Steve Alford in the future. 

- Molly Geary