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Before we look ahead to 2015, Extra Mustard takes a look back at the sports fans who made an impression this year: the terrible parents, the naked sunbathers and the butt-grabbers.

By Lindsay Applebaum
December 30, 2014

Ninety-nine percent of people do what they're supposed to do at sporting events -- they purchase their tickets, they show up, they sit in their seats and they watch the game, only clapping and cheering at the appropriate times. They know it's not really supposed to be about them. Those fans bore us.

Today, for the second year in a row, we're recognizing the other fans: the terrible parents, the naked sunbathers, the butt-grabbers. Here's what fans did to distinguish themselves in 2014:


Kid sees himself on Marlins Fan-Cam, turns into terrifying monster.


Meet the shirtless, gyrating Blue Jackets fan known as 'Dancing Kevin'.



They got half-naked and fell asleep

Carefree Dodgers fan gets some sun.

They put their fingers in their armpits and made their wives smell it

Nats fan wants wife to smell his armpit.

They stole game-used equipment from women and children

Grown man attempts to steal hockey stick from a kid.


Saints fan steals football away from Bengals fan.


Adult man takes on kids for Kuznetsova's towel.

They weren't even real

Korean baseball team has robot fans.


Japanese soccer team fills empty seats with cardboard fans.




They didn't understand the rules (or didn't care)

Courtside fan won't give Blake Griffin the ball.

They violated personal space


They put in the bare minimum amount of effort

Yankees fan takes quick break from eating sandwich to applaud Robinson Cano.


Wimbledon fans show up in N-A-D-L shirts, get mocked by John McEnroe.



They made terrible (but fruitful) parenting decisions

Man holding sleeping baby catches puck with one hand at AHL game.


Father catches home run ball while holding baby.

They couldn't even believe this was happening

Sad Knicks fan sums up season.


Sad Michigan fan pumps fist during loss to NJIT.

They were just so fired up

Little Penguins fan has the most intense game face.


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