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Aaron Rodgers. Joe Biden. Oliva Munn. The Ellen Show. Enough said.

By Extra Mustard
January 26, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden has been known to give his take on sports issues from time to time, and he apparently couldn't help himself when he was presented with an opportunity to meet one of the NFL's greats.

Rodgers doesn't exactly look thrilled to be having a chat with the VP, but then again, he has to deal with fans coming up to him to talk football all the time. Plus, when you're dating Olivia Munn, other super-famous people probably don't wow you as much anymore, even the second-most powerful man in the country.

• Deflategate soft drink now available

Who knows what the pair is talking about, but if Biden is investigating whether Rodgers has any information on Deflategate, this controversy has officially gone too far.

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