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Kia Super Bowl XLIX ad featuring Pierce Brosnan

In 2014, vehicle manufacturer Kia went The Matrix route for its Super Bowl ad, which featured an appearance from Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne. This year for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday between the Patriots and the Seahawks, they're calling on James Bond. 

This year's Kia ad will feature one of the men that have played the spy character throughout history, Pierce Brosnan, although he won't be in the James Bond character. 

The ad, named "The Perfect Getaway" highlights the 2016 model of the Sorento to the world with the help of Brosnan, who makes it seem at first as if he is going on a James Bond-like mission. In the end, though, he just ends up taking a leisurely stroll in the new vehicle, and of course grabbing a female in the end. 

- Jack Jorgensen