Screenshot: PULS 4/YouTube

Austrian TV network PULS4 has an intense  -themed Super Bowl XLIX promo featuring Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

By Extra Mustard
February 01, 2015

NBC has nothing on Austrian TV.

PULS 4, the owner of Austria's broadcast rights to Super Bowl XLIX, has an intense Terminator-themed promo for Sunday's big game.

Flames? Check.

Terminator Tom Brady? Check.

Terminator Russell Wilson? Check.

Pulse-pounding Terminator 2: Judgment Day score? Check.

This is like if Spike TV got the U.S. rights to the game.

PULS 4 also a similar promo for the conference championship round featuring Terminator Wilson, Terminator Brady, Terminator Aaron Rodgers and Terminator Andrew Luck.

[h/t Slate]

Mike Fiammetta

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