By Extra Mustard
February 05, 2015


Stephen Curry might be the best shooter in the NBA. He's got the highest field goal percentage of any guard in the league and dropped 51 points on the Mavs Wednesday. 

But Curry has never won the NBA's three-point contest, so Foot Locker gave him a chance to practice before next week's competition in New York.

• Stephen Curry drills shot from locker room

Curry took on four challengers—three former NBA sharpshooters and a ten-year-old girl. Curry had no problem dispatching Robert Horry, Tim Legler and his father, Dell Curry. Internet sensation Jaden Newman proved to be a tougher challenge, though.

Hopefully Curry fares a little better against people his own size on Feb. 14. 

You can watch the whole thing below: 


- Dan Gartland

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