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Kentucky players react after win to Daxter Miles's prediction

It appears Kentucky was aware of West Virginia player Daxter Miles' unfortunate projection Wednesday that West Virginia would defeat the Wildcats Thursday night. 

It appears the Kentucky men's basketball team was aware of West Virginia player Daxter Miles' unfortunate projection Wednesday that West Virginia would defeat the Wildcats Thursday night.

Kentucky guard Aaron Harrison favorited an infographic tweeted by ESPN's college basketball account that quoted the prediction - ironically, of course. 

(h/t Chris Littmann)

Harrison's brother, Andrew, and other teammates Tod Lanter and Devin Booker chimed in with pointed reactions in reference to Miles' jab. 

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Miles' statement that Kentucky would be 36-1 after Thursday night didn't just miss the mark. It was wildly off base. Kentucky doubled up West Virginia in historic fashion, 78-39, to advance to the Elite Eight. 

Similar guarantees didn't work out so well for other NCAA tournament teams, either. 

Maybe players will think twice next time about guaranteeing wins?

- Will Green