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Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young blamed the rim for his poor shooting this season. 

By Extra Mustard
April 14, 2015

Hey, Nick Young, why did you shoot a career-worst 36.6% from the field this year? 

Oh, OK. 

Because of injuries, Young and Kobe Bryant only played 287 minutes together this season. In his other 713 minutes, Young took advantage of Kobe's absence and just starting chucking up shots. He looked kind of like Kobe, if Kobe wasn't any good. 

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Young shot on 40 rims this season (two each in 20 arenas), so there would have to be some kind of grand conspiracy afoot if all the rims were to blame.

Either way, Iggy Azalea probably wouldn't be too happy if Swaggy P started seeing other people (or rims).

- Dan Gartland

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