LeBron James, you are ridiculous. Dwight, you too.

By SI Wire
April 25, 2015

LeBron James, you are ridiculous. Dwight Howard, you too. But hold that thought.

You might remember the Powerade commercial from 2003 (wow, long time) that featured a young King James nailing unreal-looking full-court shots.

Well, he can actually do it, and he's doing it again.

After Cleveland wrapped practice at Boston's TD Garden Saturday, James messed around and let loose an overhand, football-style toss from the opposite baseline. He found nothing but net.

Thanks to the internet, we can offer some visual proof below, from multiple angles. James and his teammates got a little bit excited. Justifiably so.

The second-seeded Cavs lead the seventh-seeded Boston Celtics three games to none heading into Game 4, so LeBron has some time to relax. Hey, maybe it'll come in handy in a game someday. Could you imagine?


Anyway, Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets decided to try the same shot on Saturday at Rockets practice.

It went in, too.


Your move, Steph.

Jeremy Woo

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