What is there to do during rain delays, anyway?

By SI Wire
May 16, 2015

During a three-hour rain delay Friday night, Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana-Lafayette found a different, highly competitive way to pass the time.

We've seen our fair share of entertaining college baseball weather stoppages, but these two Sun Belt rivals raised the bar with an epic game of...rock-paper-scissors.

It's an ancient pastime, a test of skill and determination, and, now, an excellent thing to do when baseball fields are too wet to play baseball on.

Though no box score was reported, after what we assume was a long, long time, the Ragin' Cajuns pulled out an epic, epic victory. #FunBelt, anyone?

Also of note, there was a dance-off.

The team manager even got into it.

The game was postponed, and the teams will play a double-header Saturday. Pray for more rain.

Jeremy Woo

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