Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Talisa Loup​; Giancarlo Stanton's Kit Kat Problems

By Andy Gray
June 01, 2015

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Giancarlo Stanton Eats Kit Kat Incorrectly, Enrages Fans


Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton may have hit some home runs that appeared to land in a different zip code but he has a long way to go in Kit Kat etiquette before winning the hearts and minds of some baseball fans.

Promposal Goes Horrible Wrong

I feel so bad for this kid, Patrick Smith of Park Ridge High. So much so that I'm going to ask my friends (swimsuit models, actually) if one of them will be his date. If anyone knows him, please email me (andy_gray@simail.com).

Best Moment of Baseball Season?

Over the weekend a clip of Andrew McCutchen giving his batting gloves to a pair of enthusiastic young Pirates fan went viral. It was arguably the best moment of the baseball season. Here's another look at the exchange, taken from the mom's phone.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Talisa Loup is a Belgian model who should be on your radar. She earns LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery). 

WWE's Top 15 Gimmick Matches

I would've made the Royal Rumble No. 1. Otherwise great list.

Drunk Man Pees On Dolph Lundgren

If he dies ... he dies.

Old School Life Hacks

I know you've always wondered how to correctly carry a jug.

This is Nuts

I Like These

We Have a College Football Controversy

Good MLB Play of the Day

Bad MLB Play of the Day

Beware of Center Field Cannon

Odds & Ends

Iman Shumpert saw San Andreas and now wants the entire Finals played in Cleveland ... Best NBA player by number ... The Lightning has a dress code prohibiting fans in premium seating areas from wearing an opposing team's jersey ... A boy in Italy won't let a month-long coma deter him from his Juventus fanhood ...  LeBron James and Kyrie Irving should stay away from left-handed three-pointers ... Garth Brooks canceled his Tampa concerts for the Stanley Cup ... The WWE has a problem with unauthorized Arabic cartoons ... When coin flips go wrong ... Will Henrik Lundqvist end up like Patrick Ewing? ... Great high school yearbook quote ... This one, too ... Fashion website Deadspin tells me I shouldn't wear sandals this summer ... The world's 50 best restaurants ... My mind is blown by this hidden wall on the Seinfeld set.

16 Calls for the Same Messi Goal

Lionel Messi scored a highlight-reel goal during Saturday’s Copa del Rey final. Here are 16 calls of the play from around the world. The one at 1:25 is my favorite.


NBA Finals ... at Target?

More proof that shopping at Target is an underrated good time.

Mini-Golf Trick Shots

Who needs a putter when you have two feet? (H/T BroBible)

What's Your Favorite Grateful Dead Song

Rolling Stone asked a bunch of random musicians to name their favorite Grateful Dead song. My choice is below--tell me yours in the comments section. 

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