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Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes famously tasted his first sip of alcohol as the team celebrated its NBA Finals victory. Now watch him taste test a variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

By Extra Mustard
June 30, 2015

A popular side story of the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals victory earlier this month was Harrison Barnes’ introduction to alcohol during the team’s immediate post-game celebration.

Just as the Warriors snapped their 40-year title drought, Barnes ended a dry streak of his own by following through on his stated plans to imbibe with teammates if they secured the title. Asked before Game 6 against the Cleveland Cavaliers what would happen if the Warriors won and bottles were popped, Barnes responded, “That's over. I’m celebrating.”

The Warriors came through and so did Barnes—scoring nine points in the process of Golden State‘s Finals-clinching 105–97 win—paving the way for him to see what he was missing.

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Now, a couple of weeks later, Barnes is still having fun with the story. In a video for Fox Sports, he offers his reviews of a variety of non-alcoholic cocktail mixes. You might have never known watching somebody drink grocery store-aisle margarita mix was amusing, but Barnes manages to pull it off.

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