Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Jessica Simpson; Bill Murray and Sports

By Andy Gray
July 10, 2015

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Bill Murray and Sports

 Whether autographing Miley Cyrus' name on a golf fan's forehead or appearing as a football coach on Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray has been a longtime part of the sports landscape. Our photo editors pulled together a great collection of Bill Murray Sports photos. Enjoy.  (Here's the full-size version.)

Scenes From the World Cup Parade

The U.S. Women's National team was feted with a parade in downtown New York on Friday and SI has all the Vines, Instagrams, photos and everything else that happened from the celebration. I just want to know where I can get a slice of this cake.

Great Weekend To Be An Orioles Fan

The team is not only giving away Hawaiian shirts on Sunday (only if you're 15-years-old or over) but also Friday night is Plaid Floppy Hat Night. I'm not sure which freebie I want more.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

 Is making Jessica Simpson, who peaked in 2005, today's LLOD a bit of a stretch? Yes it is. But it's her 35th birthday. I've always had a huge crush on her, and the weekend is almost here, so you should have bigger things to worry about. Jessica earns today's honors. (Here's the full-size gallery.

Bonus Friday LLOD!

​SI cover girl Hannah Davis has a new photo shoot out for SwimDaily.

My New Favorite Golfer

Root for Chad Pfeifer, a military veteran amputee who makes his pro golf debut this weekend.

The Champ is Here

Who Ya' Gonna Call?

Important Shark Info

Vin Scully is the Best

Odds & Ends

Ten worst NHL logos of all time ... Urban Meyer's birthday cake was sad ...'s 10 most popular stories of the week ... Hockey logos inspired by Shark Week ... Photos of the Miss USA Swimsuit Competition ... The secret to incredible burgers ... The internet is falling in love with San Diego State golfer Paige Spiranac ... Big Show defended the WWE in wake of the Matt Bourne (a.k.a. - Doink the Clown) lawsuit ... It's been a great day for Mark Cuban's social media app Cyber Dust ... Twelve items you used to have on your beach vacation (this was for Throwback Thursday but I am a day late with it) ... Do something good today. Donate your old suits as part of Men's Wearhouse National Suit Drive ... This six-legged cat is having surgery to have his extra limbs removed.

Samantha Hoopes Swimsuit Outtakes

If you don't watch my favorite swimsuit model, I don't want to be friends with you.

Chicken of the Sea

Today's LLOD Jessica Simpson thinks her tuna is chicken. This is the first thing I think of when someone mentions Jessica Simpson. Or maybe the second thing I thing. 

Dogs Scared of Farts

This is both totally immature and completely awesome.

Moving Sidewalk

Have I really been doing Hot Clicks for two years and not linked to a Keller Williams song yet? Here's one that should be stuck in your head all weekend. See you Monday!

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