Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Joy Corrigan; One-Armed Golfers Championship 

By Andy Gray
September 04, 2015

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Editor's Note: Weekend Hot Clicks will return tomorrow and I will have a fresh version Monday morning. Back to normal schedule on Tuesday. 

The 15th Annual One-Armed Golfers Championship

The tournament was held June 28-July 2 at four courses near Louisville and in southern Indiana.

History of "I Just Work Here"

Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post noticed Robert Griffin III using the famous "I just work here" cliche among Redskins players. So he took a deep dive into the history of the team's players using the term. 

What's Up With Colin Cowherd's Hair?

Things have gotten weird up top for Colin Cowherd now that he's at Fox.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


Bachelor Party For One

What happens when none of your friends can make your bachelor party because their flights were canceled? That's what happened to Robbie Chernow, who spent a few days alone in Chicago enjoying a lonely boat tour, visiting the Navy Pier and taking in a Bears game.​

America's Most Expensive Mansion

The price of the Beverly Hills compound has dropped from $195 million to $149 million. Buy now!

Celebs Related to Other Celebs

Did you know Jason Sudekis is the nephew of Norm from Cheers?

LOL Redskins

Hit of the Night

What a Play!

Odds & Ends

The Denver Nuggets mascot is quite the bully ... Michigan QB Jake Rudock got the Wikipedia Treatment from angry fans ... The refs really butchered the end of Thursday's Colorado-Hawaii game ... Did you know Keyshawn Johnson's nephew plays football at Ohio State? ... Peyton Manning continues to be a great dude. He also has a cute son ... The Matt Harvey innings-limit debate is coming to a head ... Kevin Durant is being heavily recruited by Carmelo Anthony to join the Knicks ... Joe Dirt's brother was at the Colts game ... An oral history of the extremely cheesy Scorpions song Winds of Change ... Pornhub is offering college scholarships (and you don't have to be naked to win) ... If Game of Thrones characters were on Bob's Burgers ... Guam approved a law to begin chemically castrating sex offenders before their release on parole.

Sportsman of the Year

All hail Robert Wright, who ran into a burning home to save a rack of barbeque ribs (after saving his family, of course)

Kate Bock Swimsuit Outtakes

The Canadian stunner hangs out with a pig.

My All-American Trailer

My All-American will be in theaters on Nov. 13. It's from the writer of Rudy and Hoosiers, which is enough reason to watch.

Life's Been Good

Keller Williams covers the Joe Walsh classic.

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