A Buffalo billboard has gone from bragging about the Bills to throwing shade at Tom Brady.

By Extra Mustard
September 19, 2015

Bills-Patriots has already given us some great headlines, and the game hasn’t even taken place yet.

On Monday, coach Rex Ryan complimented Rob Gronkowski’s acting skills. On Friday, the Bills’ team store was selling football air pumps, poking fun at the Patriots’ deflategate scandal.

Now, a local billboard is spitting hot fire and trying to take down Tom Brady.

“Mr. Brady is so shady,” the billboard reads. “Deflates ball and acts like a baby.”

Whoaaaaa! Don’t hurt ’em. Don't hurt ’em. The man has been through enough.

The group “#BFLO13thMan” is behind the billboard, which previously read “1–0” to match the Bills’ record.

If it were up to me, my rhymes would go something like this:

Mr. Brady is so shady. Deflates balls and acts like a baby.
Haven’t see us this good lately. 

When Shady steps on the field, the fans, they be fainting.

Long year coming in the AFC East.
Rising to the top of the division like yeast.
We’ve got Tyrod Taylor and Rex Ryan
You’ve got a QB who’s constantly sitting on the ground crying

- Kenny Ducey




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