Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks explores whether Wiffle Ball is going into the National Toy Hall of Fame and features Daisy Lowe as lovely lady of the day.

By Andy Gray
October 02, 2015

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All Hail Wiffle Ball

Since its invention by David Mullany in the 1950s, Wiffle Ball has become a fabric of American society (and how I spent most of my junior and senior years at UMass). When I learned that it was up for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame, I picked up the Hot Clicks phone, called Tiffany and told her to make a video about this, pronto. Now where can I get a Wiffle Ball Paddywacker?

The Bartman Redemption

Twelve years after being chased out of Chicago for (maybe) interfering with a foul ball, Steve Bartman may be getting a second chance. A group of Cubs fans have started a Go Fund Me page to send Bartman to the team's wildcard playoff game against the Pirates. As of this writing (2:35 pm, Friday), it has raised $1778 of the $5,000 goal.

Whatever Happened to Predictability?

Imagine going to a Giants game, only to find out you're also in the middle of a Fuller House taping? That's what happened to fans at Thursday's Dodgers-Giants game.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

British model Daisy Lowe stopped by the SI office for a 2016 swimsuit casting. She was super cool and I hope she earns a spot in next year's issue (click here for full-size gallery). 

Three Questions With Paul Heyman

Courtesy of WWE

On Saturday, the WWE is performing at Madison Square Garden for a show that will be broadcast live on the WWE Network, highlighted by a Brock Lesnar-Big Show main event. I caught up with Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman on the phone Thursday to discuss the show. 

Hot Clicks: What’s your favorite non-wrestling moment from Madison Square Garden?

Paul Heyman: I was a kid and I was a photographer and it’s the moment I learned what being a rock star, which is what anyone who performs at MSG is in some way a frustrated rock star because we all want that moment when you’re just standing there doing absolutely nothing and the crowd worships you like the God that you intend to be. And because I had a press pass for what was then WWWF. I got a press pass for Led Zeppelin. They came out for their second encore. They had held back Stairway to Heaven all night long. And when Robert Plant would ask the crowd what they wanted to hear … that was the song people wanted to hear. So they came out for their second encore. And Jimmy Page stepped up, the lights went dark, they hit the spotlight on Page and he just hit the opening couple chords to Stairway to Heaven and the place erupted. Even as I’m telling you this now, I’m covered in goose bumps. It tingled my spine. And the place erupted in an explosion like the Knicks just won the championship. And Jimmy Page just stopped and looked up and had the most s**t-eating grin on his face and he knew he owned them. And for three or four minutes - but it seemed like an hour - they didn’t play. They didn’t sing. They just soaked in the enormity of the response and just stood there and let it come to them. And then they played the song. And at that moment, I just said to myself, “wow. that’s what it’s like. that’s the moment everyone dreams about. That right there is what you work towards and for.

HC: Big Show gets a lot of criticism. Fans chant that it’s time for him to retire. Can you sell me as a fan on why I should watch this match?

PH: If Brock Lesnar is in the main event at Madison Square Garden, it doesn’t matter to me who his opponent is. We’re going back to the Roman Coliseum and we’re feeding victims to the lions. And they always packed the Roman Coliseum for that. Big Show happens to be the meatiest victim we could find for Brock Lesnar. I don’t think we’re paying to see a one hour classic at Madison Square Garden. I don’t think fans are paying to see WWE’s version of Ali and Frazier going 15 rounds. People are paying to see Brock Lesnar eat someone alive. The are paying to see whoever it is, in this case The Big Show, to Suplex City. People are paying to see Brock Lesnar eat, sleep, conquer, repeat. And that’s exactly what they’re going to get this Saturday. If people are criticizing the Big Show, I think people are looking at the wrong end of the Main Event.

HC: Steve Austin said in his latest podcast that there’s no chance of him fighting at WM 32 in Texas, even though it was hinted at on your podcast with him. Do you believe that he won’t be there.

PH: (laughing) Oh I believe it after the phone calls Steve and I received after that podcast. Absolutely. 

Nats Joke About Choke

Bad Idea Jeans

Odds & Ends

Solid joke by Landon Donovan about kicking for the Steelers ... Gallery: MLB Rookie Hazing Through the Years ... Just when you think the 49ers season has hit rock bottom ... NBA news and rumors roundup as training camps get underway ... John Calipari had a good "one and done" joke regarding Jordan Spieth ... The Texans cheerleaders had a bikini pool party ... Kevin Durant vs. Stephen A. Smith ... Bill Simmons vs. ESPN ... Cheetos pizza anyone? ... This is the strangest fashion show you'll ever see.

How Roman Reigns Would Beat Up A-Rod and Other Sports Villains

How can we make this happen?

Dog Helps Jump Rope

This footage is from a Rio de Janeiro slum. The dog's name is "Bolinha," or "Little Ball." (H/T FTW)


Welcome to The Backboard

The Pistons play America's newest game show.

Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin performs its famous song at Madison Square Garden. Not sure if this is the show Paul Heyman attended but let's just pretend it is.

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