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Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin dressed up as Batman for Halloween. 

By Extra Mustard
October 24, 2015

Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin celebrated Halloween a little early this year.

With the Caps heading to Florida to play the Panthers on Oct. 31, Ovechkin busted out his costume Saturday, giving us his take on The Dark Knight. In the photo, posted on Instagram, Ovechkin is dressed as Batman, and he appears to have a new dog as well. 

Eh, I've seen better Bat outfits. The utility belt is a nice touch, but what is the design on the pants? What is hanging on the top of Ovechkin’s shoes? The shoulder pads also leave a lot to be desired. The star of this photo is whoever dressed as Catwoman, because she completely nails it. 

Also, I’m not entirely sure Ovechkin didn’t acquire an all-black dog just for the purposes of this photo.

This has been an Extra Mustard Halloween costume critique 

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