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Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game for Week 8. 

By Extra Mustard
October 28, 2015

Welcome to the latest installment of Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game. Week 8 presents the previously hapless Miami Dolphins heading north to take on the New England Patriots.

Nothing screams primetime football like new Dolphins coach Dan Campbell trying to match wits with Bill Belichick. Miami hasn’t won in New England since September 2008, or before Barack Obama was elected president. All it took for the Dolphins to win was to completely change their entire offense and unveil the Wildcat formation.

So yeah, don’t expect this game to be exciting. Fortunately, our drinking game is here to keep things interesting.

If Bill Belichick is wearing...

... a blue hoodie: drink beer

... a grey hoodie: drink whiskey

... a hoodie with the sleeves cut off: drink cocktails

.... a windbreaker/raincoat: drink wine

Responsibly sip your drink when

You see Bill Belichick with his arms folded and a writing utensil resting on his ear

There’s a shot of Robert Kraft in the owner’s suite

The announcers mention how Dan Campbell has changed the culture in Miami

The announcers mention how Tom Brady wants to play for 10 more years

The announcers mention the Dolphins are the only other team to win the AFC East since 2002

The announcers mention a potential undefeated season for the Patriots

A commercial break passes without a DraftKings or FanDuel ad

Brandon LaFell drops a pass

Buy a football and deflate it if

The Dolphins’ headsets stop working

Refill your drink when

Jim Nantz reads a 2 Broke Girls or The Big Bang Theory promo

Ndamukong Suh gets a personal foul penalty

You google the Dolphins kicker’s alma mater

Finish your drink when

Bill Belichick smiles

Rob Gronkowski spikes the ball after a touchdown

A player celebrates with a “Hotline Bling” dance


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