Who knew Spider-Man could run a wheel route?

By Extra Mustard
October 30, 2015

Who knew Spider-Man could run a wheel route?

The Northwestern football team got in the Halloween spirit on Friday, practicing in full costume. Pro wrestlers, Ninja Turtles, and various superheroes made appearances.

Let’s be real here—the player who went dressed as a hot dog (not a sandwich) won the day. Aside from him, I’m going to have to say the guy dressed as Kirk Hinrich wins best costume. Go to a party dressed as Kirk Hinrich this year and you are guaranteed not to run into another Kirk Hinrich. You are also likely to become best friends for life with anyone dressed as Tom Thibodeau.

Northwestern’s next game isn’t until Nov. 7. Plenty of time to eat loads of candy and fade all those granola bars that one careless professor got you.

- Kenny Ducey

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