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D-III school St. Thomas converts complicated two-point attempt

The St. Thomas Tommies unleashed one of the all-time two-point conversion attempts. 

The St. Thomas Tommies might be Extra Mustard's new favorite football team.

This is because the Division III school unleashed one of the all-time two-point conversion trick plays against Carleton College over the weekend. 

The play started as a fake field goal, but the holder doesn’t toss the ball to the fake kicker. No, he fakes the toss and throws a no-look, underhand spiral in the general vicinity of a receiver who happens to make the catch.

The brilliance in this play is not in its design. The brilliance is in its lack of design. This is the kind of play you make up with your friends on the street outside your house when you’re bored. There’s no way this is supposed to work, but the Tommies eventually won 80–3, so maybe they had an irrational confidence.

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- Rohan Nadkarni