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According to a study by PennLive, Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium has ejected the most fans out of the five biggest Big Ten stadiums.

By Extra Mustard
November 19, 2015

Big Ten football stadiums, especially the bigger ones, have a reputation for being rowdy. That being said, each of them have a wildly different tolerance for rowdiness, as shown by a recent study from PennLive.

After obtaining data from the Big Ten schools with the five biggest stadiums (Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin), the study concluded that Camp Randall Stadium in Madison has ejected the most fans (292) so far this season, a rate of 73.69 fans per 100,000.

By comparison, the stadium with the second-strictest security is The Big House in Ann Arbor, which ejects at a rate of 28.5 fans per 100,000. Ohio Stadium, Beaver Stadium and Memorial Stadium all have rates below 10. The full chart can be seen below:

Screenshot via PennLive.com

A second report tallied how many charges had been filed in and outside these stadiums, and while the results were less lopsided, Wisconsin still held the lead, at 43.18 charges filed per 100,000 fans. As a Badger fan, you can either be scared at these numbers, or formulate a plan on how to be one of those 30 fans who manages to escape charges after getting removed from the stadium. The full chart is here:

Screenshot via PennLive.com

In response to the numbers, Marc Lovicott, the public information officer at the University of Wisconsin Police Department, told PennLive, “I'm not sure why the discrepancies would be like that, because at Wisconsin we regularly eject about 50 spectators from games.”

In an odd twist, Nebraska, Penn State and Ohio State all reported more charges filed than ejections, significantly more so in the case of Nebraska and Penn State. Either the majority of arrests happen outside the stadium, or these stadiums have a policy of letting excessively rowdy fans finish watching the game before getting a slap on the wrist.

The moral of this story is: if you plan on getting excessively drunk and heading up to Madison for a football game, either make sure you can control yourself, or just tailgate and watch the game from a bar. Or go to Nebraska instead.

- Jeremy Layton

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