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Hot Clicks Q&A: WWE's Paige on Steve Austin obsession, Cheesecake Factory

WWE Diva Paige stopped by the SI office to promote WWE 2K16 and shoot an interview for SINow. I caught up with Paige for a few minutes to discuss her favorite all-time wrestler, video games and her strange obsession with cheesecake. The WWE just held its annual TLC pay-per-view. Would you like to participate in a more violent, TLC-style match?

Paige: Yeah. I definitely want some kind of match with a stipulation. Which would you want: Steel cage, tables, ladders, chairs?

Paige: I would take it all in a heartbeat, even if its a falls count anywhere match so we can take the action outside the ring. You've been working with Ric Flair a bunch lately. Has he been helpful behind the scenes?

Paige: Ric Flair has been nothing but a gem backstage. He's definitely been a helping hand. We'll do backstage promos together and I’ll say, "I’m going to say this really mean thing about you, is that okay?" And he’ll say, "Baby girl. Go do your thing and make it entertaining." He’s definitely been great to work with.

New Day‘s Xavier Woods is blending his love of wrestling, video games Would you object if the WWE renamed the Divas Title the WWE Women’s Title?

Paige: Everyone wants it to be the Women’s Championship but I like the fact its called Divas because it separates us from the rest of the crowd. If someone says, “Hey, you’re a diva,” people instantly know you’re in WWE. At first, I was all about Women’s Championship, but I like the fact it’s just us. This is our baby. This is our brand. How is it carrying that belt around from town to town?

Paige: It’s definitely very heavy and a pain to go through the airport. Sometimes you know the security are WWE fans and just want to look at it. Do you put it right on that security belt thingy at the airport or try and hide it in one of your bags?

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Paige: I’ll just take it out. I’m like, “Here you go. You can see it. You can touch it. But be careful with it. Just be careful with it." People love to look at it. Why do you think British fans are so much livelier than fans in the States?

Paige: I don’t know. They’re just very rowdy and like to have a good time. I think it might be alcohol induced (laughing). But I can’t tell you why. They’re just so great. I appreciate it though. They’re my people. Would you consider yourself a gamer? Have you played WWE2K16?

Paige: I’m not a huge video game person. I used to always play wrestling video games growing up. My brother used to have all the games so we would play together. I’ve played this one because I’m a character in it and that kinda blows my mind. Who would you play as when you were younger?

Paige: I’d always play as Stone Cold. I love Stone Cold. It’s a weird obsession and he should probably get a restraining order. Were you more into the 1998 badass Steve Austin or the 2001 funny version?

Paige: Badass ... 100 percent. I was like, “I need my own quad bike to come down to the ring. I need to be chugging beers on the corner post. I need to get a hose and blast the McMahon family." Who do you think has (or had) the best finishing move of all time?

Paige: Bull Nakano because I stole her move. Well, I modified it. Who do you think has (or had) the best entrance song of all time?

Paige: I always really enjoyed Edge’s entrance theme. Also Stone Cold. WWE once asked me in an interview if I had to change my entrance music, whose would I choose and I said Edge. So they created a video of me using that song and I was like, “I’m in love.” What's your favorite thing to eat in entire world?

Paige: Cheesecake. I love cheesecake. I’ve gained 14 pounds of cheesecake weight since I moved here. Cheesecake Factory. Fan or foe?

Paige: I’m a big fan. I went there recently with a bunch of folks and it was great. The menu is too big though. It’s obnoxious. It’s like, “Come on ... a couple of pages and we’re good.” That menu is tiring. Can you play a musical instrument?

Paige: No. I look like I’d be able to and I’m really disappointed that I can’t. How do you take your coffee?

Paige: Depends where I’m getting it. If I’m making it myself, I usually take with cream and some type of sweetener.

Mike Tenay discusses breaking into pro wrestling, his gambling podcast You’re at karaoke. What song do you perform?

Paige: I LOVE karaoke. I can’t go high so I like to go low. I like Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Then I’ll sing Amy Winehouse’s Valerie. You’re tight with Alicia Fox. Why do you get along so well?

Paige: She’s just crazy. She is my ying-yang. She’s my peanut butter. My jelly. Our personalities are so similar -- it’s a complete nightmare when we’re together. I have a bunch of stories but I can’t share any of them. She’s also so underrated in the ring. People don’t know how good she is. What's your perfect night out?

Paige: I love going to concerts. But anytime I’m around my friends, I’m happy. We usually pregame around 9 then head out. What's the first concert you ever want to?

Paige: On my gosh. Billy Talent. I put out a call on Twitter for some Paige-related questions.

Paige: Oh cool. I love these. Here's the first: Your Doc Martens. Are they off shelf or modified for wrestling?

Paige: Off the shelf. They aren’t steel toed or anything. All my Doc Martens are off the shelf. My Union Jack ones were actually bought by A.J. Lee as a gift. Do you and A.J. keep in touch?

Paige: We do. We haven’t spoke in a while. She’s so busy now so we haven’t had time to catch up. But when I’m in LA, we’ll meet for coffee or something. Do you see her returning to WWE?

Paige: I don’t know. I hope so. Sometimes people just want to have a family and be a wife. Back to the Twitter questions. Coke or Pepsi?

Paige: Coke

Bret Hart opens up about the infamous 'Montreal Screwjob' Would you be in the SI Swimsuit issue?

Paige: Yeah. I’d do it. if you could marry anyone on the WWE roster, who would it be?

Paige: Probably no one. Or Stone Cold. I almost forgot to mention Santa’s Little Helper. What was filming that like?

Paige: It was incredible. It was different than doing promos in the ring. The expressions had to be less exaggerated. I went to an acting coach and it was so much fun. Mike, The Miz was great. Does Miz have an off switch?

Paige: Yes, that’s when I call him Mike - because he’s so sweet. That’s the nice guy. Miz is the butthole.