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A guide to Netflix many, very specific sports genres.

By Brendan Maloy
January 12, 2016

A few years ago, The Atlantic discovered that Netflix had tens of thousands of different hyperspecific genres to help them better recommend new shows and films for subscribers to watch, and each had its own URL.

That information has now been made actionable thanks to the Netflix ID Bible, which provides hyperlinks and names for each of these “altgenres.” Extra Mustard has decided to comb through this mountain of info to give you what you really want: all of the sports movies on Netflix.

We have even tossed in our thoughts on a few categories and a couple recommendations, although we should admit those are based more on the brief Netflix synopses than on having actually seen the movie.

African-American Sports Movies

Dark Sports Movies

Emotional Sports Dramas

 but it has four stars and the description says she has to “KO everything from sexism to her disapproving father.” She probably does not literally knock both sexism and her dad unconscious, but it’s worth watching just in case.

Extreme Sports Compiliations

Feel-good Sports Comedies

One of the movies in this category is called 16-Love and is about a 16-year-old tennis phenom in love. Would it have been so hard to make her one year younger so the title made more sense?

Feel-good Sports Movies for ages 8 to 10

Goofy Sports Children & Family Movies

Gritty Sports Documentaries

Gritty Sports Dramas

Gritty Sports Movies

Grit, as we all know, is the single most important attribute an athlete can have. Unfortunately all these movies fall short of the high level of grittiness set by the likes of Brett Favre and David Eckstein. Maybe watch Dawg Fight?

Heartfelt Sports Movies

Independent Sports Movies

Inspiring Independent Sports Dramas

Inspiring Sports Documentaries

This genre in unsurprisingly dominated by 30 for 30, so we will recommend Survive and Advance, which once made me cry while on a treadmill.

Inspiring Sports Dramas Based on Real Life

Inspiring Sports Movies

Inspiring Sports Movies Based on Real Life

Irreverent Sports Comedies


Weekend of a Champion

Outdoor & Mountain Sports

Raunchy Sports Movies

Have you seen Hot Rod? You should see Hot Rod.

Romantic Sports Comedies

Romantic Sports Movies

Sentimental Sports Movies

Sports Children & Family Movies

Sports Documentaries

Sports Dramas Based on Books

The Quiet Man

Sports Dramas Based on Real Life

Sports Dramas for Ages 8 to 10

Sports Movies Based on Real Life

Sports Movies for Ages 5 to 7

Sports Movies for Ages 8 to 10

about a dog who is also a professional wrestler

Sports Movies from the 1930s

Sports Movies from the 1940s

Sports Movies from the 1950s

Sports Movies from the 1970s 

Sports Movies from the 1980s

Sports Movies on Blu-ray

Sports Movies

This is the mother lode of sports movies. You should probably watch Bigger, Faster, Stronger, which provides an honest look at steroids.

Sports Tearjerkers

Suspenseful Sports Dramas

Teen Sports Comedies

There are so many more Bring It On sequels than you think there are.

Teen Sports Movies

Witty Sports Movies

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