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Blizzard forces Steve Novak to order $20 cup of coffee from Trump hotel

Steve Novak was charged far too much for a cup of coffee on Saturday.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in New York City to play the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, and snow kept them inside for most of the day on Saturday. Most eateries and coffee shops were closed, which meant players had to order some room service at their hotel, Trump SoHo.

It was very expensive room service. Check out the bill that forward Steve Novak received for a latte.

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A total of $20.67! That’s absolutely absurd. I’d say $15 is the maximum he should have been charged. Over $20 is brave.

Don’t believe that one cup of coffee costs $20? Check out the hotel’s menu.


The coffee is $12, plus their listed $5 service charge, automatic 18% gratuity, and tax adds up to $20.67. Fascinating.

- Kenny Ducey