The 10 best hats from MLB’s spring training collection, ranked

Here are the 10 best hats from MLB’s new spring training collection.
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Do you feel that certain something in the air?

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to their teams soon, or something like that. Which means it’s almost time for MLB’s spring training. Which means MLB has revealed the new hats teams will wear during baseball’s preseason. Which means we can rank the 10 best ones!

10. Rockies


This is a cool hat. It’s a nice peek at the Rockies’ logo without the word mark gussing things up. I like the image of the ball flying up, connoting a team on the rise.

9. Mets


The Amazins’ have a great mascot, and I’m a sucker for anything featuring Mr. Met. The hat would be ranked higher but the orange is just a tad garish for my taste.

8. Brewers


The glove logo is Milwaukee at its best, and dark blue and yellow are colors that always pair very well together.

7. Rays


Powder blue needs to be used more often across the four major sports. I really like this hat, which features Tampa Bay’s sunburst as the primary logo. My only issue—it would be hard for most people to peg this as a Rays hat. There’s something small lost in the connection between this hat and the team.

6. Blue Jays


This dark blue hat with a white outline is clean and crisp. I love the city pride angle with the maple leaf. This hat would be ranked higher if it didn’t feel more like a hat for Toronto’s hockey team.

5. White Sox


Now we’re getting into the heavy hitters. This hat is awesome. The return of the White Sox’ "Batter Up” logo is much welcomed. Whenever teams dig in to their pre-’90s history, it almost always works.

4. Athletics


This hat is another throwback, this one a callback to the Athletics’ time in Philadelphia. The A’s need to use this logo much more often. It’s much better than using just a letter. Also, an actual elephant mascot would be the greatest mascot in sports.

3. Diamondbacks


This is the most intimidating hat in the field. I hope Randy Johnson comes out of retirement to wear this hat and stare down a batter so we can watch a professional athlete soil themselves on live television.  

2. Reds


This anthropomorphized baseball is the most baseball-looking human I’ve ever seen. This hat screams baseball cap. Could also be used by a traveling circus production, so extra points for versatility. 

1. Royals


The gold crown is a subtle yet forceful reminder of who the champs are. This is the best hat in (spring training) baseball.