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Rob Gronkowski once accidently stripped at a bachelorette party.

By Extra Mustard
February 03, 2016

Back in his college days at Arizona, Rob Gronkowski went out to a bachelorette party with his friend to make some extra cash. He thought he was going to be serving as a security guard, but after he got some drinks in him, he wound up stripping.

“There was like, 35 women around in a circle,” Gronkowski said on Conan. “I was feeling good. Next thing you know, they were cheering for me. They started chanting for me. I was like, I’m good. Next thing you know, they kept cheering, so I kept feeling it more. Next thing you know I’m taking off my tie, unbuttoning my shirt, taking my pants off, I’m in my boxers only, and I’m just giving these lap dances out to these ladies.”

At the end of the night? He made $25.

This is the least surprising news ever, yet it’s absolutely hilarious. Watch that video again, except watch it and imagine what Bill Belichick’s reaction would be to each word.

– Kenny Ducey

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