Andy Dalton lost (and found) his luggage again

A fan bailed out Andy Dalton when he lost his luggage last week and he’ll have to get lucky again.
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Andy Dalton threw just seven interceptions this season, a career low, but he still needs to work on keeping possession of his belongings.

Last week, two of Dalton’s suitcases went tumbling out of the back of his truck only to be miraculously located later by a good Samaritan

On Monday, four days after he first lost his bags, they went missing again. Although, judging by the phrasing of this tweet, it sounds like it wasn’t his fault.

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Just take a carry-on next time. 

UPDATE: The bags are safe and being returned.

Dalton is a very lucky man to come away from this last week with all of his belongings.

- Dan Gartland