Boxer Tyson Fury’s latest controversy: Eating hedgehogs

Boxer Tyson Fury has a habit of saying things that will get him in trouble. 
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Boxer Tyson Fury has a habit of saying things that will get him in trouble.

He had that weird homophobic rant back in November, once called two rivals “gay lovers,” and also said “A woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back, that’s my personal belief.” So his latest comments are pretty tame by comparison. 

“My brother breeds bullfrogs and rare hedgehogs for eating,” Fury said this week, according to The Sun. “I’ve eaten hedgehog — it’s like nothing you’ve eaten before. Marinate them in honey, but [sic] them on a clay tray and bake in the oven.”

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No matter delicious honey-baked hedgehogs are, domesticating the spiny critters is illegal in Britain (even if eating them isn’t). Hedgehogs are endangered in the U.K., with only about a million remaining, compared to 36 million about 60 years ago. 

PETA is upset with Fury, of course.

“If Tyson Fury has decided that a gentle hedgehog is edible, then in addition to needing to curb the offensive things that come out of his mouth, he needs to curb what he puts into his mouth,” associate director Elisa Allen told The Sun.

Fury comes from a family of Irish Travellers (also known as gypsies), one of the few cultures that eats hedgehogs. His brother probably can’t use the tradition as an excuse when the police come knocking, though.

- Dan Gartland