Oh no, there’s another emoji jersey

The world is ending.
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Remember when we told you just a week ago that the Kalamazoo Growlers were going to wear a jersey covered completely in emojis for a game? Well, it turns out their decision has caused more teams to follow.

Now, the West Michigan Whitecaps will don ‘emojerseys’ in a Minor League baseball game on June 30.


The world is ending.

Could it have been worse? You be the judge. The selection was made by the team’s fans—their other options were a “buzzword jersey” or a “snap jersey” modeled after a Snapchat photo.


To be honest, both of those are fine jerseys. The Snapchat jersey is sort of clever. Emojis? Are we really going to start doing this?

Nice going, Growlers. Now, everyone is going to start doing this.

– Kenny Ducey