The Lakers probably beat the Warriors because of Kanye West

The Lakers’ improbable 112–95 victory over the Warriors on Sunday had everything to do with Kanye West.
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The Lakers’ improbable 112–95 victory over the Warriors on Sunday had everything to do with Kanye West.

Back in January, Lakers guard Nick Young mentioned that the team would be listening to “Facts” off of Kanye West’s latest release, The Life of Pablo, to prepare for an upcoming game the Warriors.

“We’re just going to listen to some ‘Facts,’ by Kanye West,” Young told reporters on Jan. 3. “By Yeezus. He jumped over Jumpman.”

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Did it work? Well, Swaggy P had one point in 15 minutes, and the Lakers fell 109–88 on Jan. 5. So, probably not.

On Saturday, however, a new ‘Charlie Heat version’ of the track perhaps propeled Los Angeles to a victory. Young went for 13 points, and quoted West in his postgame Instagram post.

“This is [a] God dream,” he wrote, referencing the song ‘Ultralight Beam’

Now for those not privy to the details of TLOP, the re-release of Facts came back in February. In both versions of the track, West shouts out Young, who is also signed to Adidas.

It’s fair to say, The Life of Pablo is an important album.

– Kenny Ducey