Thursday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Camila Morrone and an awkward news blooper

By Andy Gray
March 09, 2016

Mustard Minute: Sexually Awkward News Blunder of the Day

There's nothing like a good news blunder to start the day. Especially one as sexually awkward as this one taken from a Wisconsin news station. Tiffany has the details.

The Most Hated Player in College Basketball

Don't think it's a stretch to call Duke's Grayson Allen the most hated player in college hoops, largely because of his constant need to trip the opposing players. It happened again Wednesday night against N.C. State (though Allen wasn't as successful and was called for an intentional foul). On the plus side for Allen, his girlfriend seems cool.

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Lovely Lady of the Day


Breaking down The People vs. O.J. Simpson with Michael McCann

If you're a fan of the show or even remotely interested in the case, you must listen to this podcast.

Kobe on Kiss Cam

It went down at Wednesday night's L.A. Kings-Washington Capitals game. Kobe handled it like a champ.

New Sports Feud Alert

Mike Grimes (and wife) vs. Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero.

Great Moments in Homemade Pizza

Ever wonder what happens when you take 10 McDonald’s double cheeseburgers, 500g of mozzarella, one tube of tomato paste and pepperoni. Wonder no more.

This is Also Gross

I Want All These Jerseys

Odds & Ends

The LeBron James kid introduced LeBron James during Wednesday night's Kings-Cavs game ... Did you know John Cena's grandpa used to play major league baseball? ... Love how Matt Flynn (of all people) is upset with Brock Osweiler's contract ... Looks like Maria Sharapova isn't the only top athlete using  Meldonium ... Snoop Dogg's son is returning to the UCLA football team ... ESPN got duped by a fake Jay Glazer account ...  Celine Dion has a really nice house ... Why are there still ashtrays in airplane bathrooms? ... Gallery: The Night in Sports (March 9), featuring a delighted Holy Cross team and Steph Curry hitting a shot from beyond halfcourt.

Steph Curry: Also Good at Golf

Pacman Jones Has an Announcement


I am so happy to say that I have agreed to a 3 year deal with the Bengals !!!!

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

Awkward News Bloopers Through the Years

Best of Andy Kaufman on Taxi

Randomly watched a couple episodes of Taxi Wednesday night and forgot how great Andy Kaufman was as Latka.

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