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The Vikings are looking to have a stretch of Chicago Ave. near their stadium named Vikings way.

By Extra Mustard
March 10, 2016

The Vikings are moving into the brand new, billion dollar U.S. Bank Stadium this season, and while the facilities are made just to the team’s liking, team officials are not thrilled with the name of one of the roads running next to the stadium.

It seems their NFC North rivals the Bears have infiltrated the team’s new home, as Chicago Ave. is near the stadium, and the Vikings are hoping for a more fan-friendly name, according to Fox Sports.

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The team has requested the road's name be changed to Vikings Way to let everyone know they are in Minnesota, and not Illinois.

Minnesota has previously fought off an invasion of Packers fandom when a local McDonalds was sent cups featuring the Green Bay logo instead of the Vikings last season.

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