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The Pirates think you might like a jalapeño caramel hot dog

The Pirates Cracker Jack & Mac Dog has caramel corn, jalapenos and macaroni and cheese all on top of a hot dog.
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With Opening Day drawing near, baseball teams are beginning to unveil some of the new concession items fans can pick up when they come out to the ball park this year.

After the Braves cavalcade of shocking foods was released on Tuesday, the Pirates have unveiled their own latest offering in the world of weird stadium foods with a hot dog covered in a motley crew of condiments, including cracker jacks, macaroni and cheese, caramel sauce and jalapeños.

The item appears to use a pita instead of a hot dog bun, but you have already tossed the social contract out the window by ordering this creation, so you can’t really expect PNC Park to stick to tradition.

This hot dog is pushing the boundaries pretty far, but as with every other piece of stunt food, I would still probably eat it.

– Brendan Maloy