Thursday's lunchtime Hot Clicks feature the best mullets in sports history

By Andy Gray
April 28, 2016

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Tom Thibodeau's Mullet is Everything

Not sure how he missed our Top 20 mullets list. 

South Korean Olympians Not Worried About Zika Virus

Athletes all over the world may be worried about catching the Zika virus at the Rio Olympics, but not South Korea. The country will outfit all its athletes with special mosquito-proof uniforms. So not only is it safe, but also it looks better than the ridiculous American apparel. 

Ranking Every MLB Ballpark

Spoiler Alert: Tropicana Field did not come in first.

Chanel Iman Faces Bee Attack

Shooting swimsuit is not easy. Just ask Chanel.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: NFL Towels

The NFL Draft is tonight and our friends at The Northwest wanted to do something special for Hot Clicks. They gave me a couple choices for giveaways and I went with oversized beach towels because, frankly, everyone should own an NFL oversized beach towel. I'll send one to the 50th, 75th, 100th, 150th and 200th person to email me ( the names of the SI Swimsuit models who practiced with the Nashville Predators. The answer was in A.M. Clicks. Please make the subject line "The Northwest."

ESPN is Racist

That's what Curt Schilling is saying in regards to his recent firing by the Worldwide Leader.

Odds & Ends

The Kentucky Derby has banned hoverboards ... Anthony "Buckets" Blakes of the Harlem Globetrotters threw out a memorable first pitch ... The Harvard hoops team has a better recruiting class than North Carolina ... Worst things ever to happen at Walmart ... The U.S. Military's best photos of 2015 ... I want to live in all these houses.

Meet Shawn Kemp's 15-Year-Old Son

Throwback Thursday: Larry Bird For Bengay

Paul and Willie Go to Graceland

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