Wrestling fan compares car crash to Stone Cold on local news

A wrestling fan compared a car crash to Stone Cold Steve Austin on the local news.
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No one is ever sitting in his/her house expecting a car to come crashing in, but that is what happened to Kory Reid of Amherst, N.Y. on Wednesday night, and when he was asked to describe what it was like by WIVB-4, he could only come up with one comparison: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin's signature soundtrack begins with the sound of glass shattering and is usually followed by the “Texas Rattlesnake” charging the ring to raise some hell. But Reid found it was just a reckless driver who lost control of his car and barreled into his home, without causing injury to anyone in the car or house.

After working in the reference to the WWE superstar, Reid was sure to alert his fellow wrestling fans over at Reddit’s r/SquaredCircle.