Apparently, Dikembe Mutombo never let Bismack Biyombo finger-wag

No, no, no.
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Bismack Biyombo has pretty much hijacked this year’s playoffs with his highlight blocks, defense, and general on-court attitude. The Congolese Raptors center is having a great time, and so are all of us, except for the Cavs.

He’s also adopted the finger-wag popularized by another big man from the Congo, the one and only DikembeMutombo, predictor of draft lottery success and Twitter clairvoyant.

But, Mutombo says he never gave Biyombo permission to do it — contrary to what the big man has been saying in interviews.


Or not.

Here’s the video of Mutombo discussing it, via TMZ.

We’re cool with it, honestly.