Johnny Manziel does not seem concerned about turbulence at all as he gets a mid-flight tattoo.

By Extra Mustard
June 01, 2016

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Johnny Manziel has found that the thrill is gone from just getting regular tattoos, so the former Browns quarterback has found a new way to fill up his arm and his free time by getting inked while riding in a plane.

While getting a tattoo in the air seems like it would present some serious problems, Manziel looks pretty calm in the photo he posted to Instagram.


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Manziel has gotten multiple tattoos over the last few months, and posted another shot of his arm being inked in March, when it was a much more open canvas. 

Mike Francesa spent 8 minutes ranting about gorilla

All Kinds. @rafael_valdez

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The former first-round draft pick was released by Cleveland in March after two years and eight starts with the team.

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