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The Ketchup hot dog at the Indians Hot Dog Race tried to gloat early and paid a high price thanks to Jason Kipnis.

By Extra Mustard
June 02, 2016

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The Indians hold a hot dog race at home games to give the fans a little extra excitement between innings, and on Wednesday the dastardly ketchup-covered hot dog tried some underhanded tricks to get ahead.

After pushing over his competitors at the starting line, Ketchup began to gloat, which is when karma stepped in in the form of second baseman Jason Kipnis, who accidentally lowered the boom on the running wiener.

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Unfortunately, Ketchup still took the checkered flag despite clearly being the wurst. (I am so, so sorry. I ask for, but do not expect, your forgiveness for this terrible sausage pun.)

–  Brendan Maloy

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